What is The Others?

The Others is an Auckland based talent agency run by Angela Bevan and Imogen Wilson. The faces you will meet at The Others are individuals with unique beauty and character. They are different from conventional models; either in appearance and/or character. We market these individuals as themselves, and believe they hold something special from the rest. Together we strive to provide a unique service to both our clients and our models, which we hope will help break down the norms of conventional models, agencies and management.

The Others doubles as a casting agency who are happy to street cast and/ or access talent from traditional agencies to meet client requirements. 

What do we offer clients?

A unique and diverse cast of individuals that inspire them and their audience.

What do we offer the models?

Organic, personal and direct management. We work closely with our talent individually to make sure they are marketed and manage as they wish. We believe in working around their schedules, communicating with them efficiently to ensure they feel fully supported and are receiving all the opportunities that are possible for them.

What do we offer everyone else?

We are open to receiving feedback of any kind regarding our casting choices and management. We also encourage suggestions or submissions; if you or you know of anyone that may be suitable for The Others ~ please email us!